Avoiding a Counterfeit Christmas

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With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday deals upon us internet shopping for that perfect Christmas present has never been more enticing. However, as more and more of us shop online, the rise of counterfeit products and increased dramatically.

As of December 2015, over £360m was spent on counterfeit goods in the UK, according to online brand protection site NetNames.

So how can we make sure we are buying genuine, safe products?

Below are our top 5 tips for avoiding counterfeit goods:

  1. Price is a good indication of whether the product is genuine. It’s worth doing a price comparison across different retailers.
  2. Lots of products come with a serial that can be checked to determine if they are real.
  3. Packaging can be easily replicated, however, it is worth looking out for any discrepancies in brand logos, text or images.
  4. Going to the official brand’s website is often the safest way to avoid fake products.
  5. If in doubt go to a trusted high street retailer or if online, via a portal like eBay or Amazon who have guarantees to protect you.