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As a teacher and head of science, Tim Marshall spent 20 years developing exciting and creative ways of inspiring and motivating his pupils.

Finally,  he realised that his particular brand of presentation and irrepressible enthusiasm also lent itself to the world outside the classroom.Working with head teachers, ICT developers, local museums and English Heritage, Tim has developed educational workshops, lectures and guided tours that brought wonder and understanding to a variety of topics, not least of which was the forensics of historical ‘cold cases’.

When Tim discovered The Detective Project it felt like a match made in heaven: his desire to develop scientific skills, methodical approach and co-operative thinking coupled with the unendingly fascinating arena of forensic science ensure that participants leave with a new perspective and fascination for the power of inquiry.


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Kids event

Fun parties for 7+ year olds to solve their own crime or spy mystery by getting hands-on with real investigation techniques. Party bags and invitations included.

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School event

Hands-on crime scene based workshops for KS1 to A level. Sessions last from an hour to a day and can be tailored to the school curriculum requirements and timetable.

corporate event

Corporate event

If you would like a different team building workshop this year - how about a crime scene investigation to bring out the inner sleuth in your colleagues?


Wessex team

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Tim with his skeleton 'Count Scapula'



Tim and his skeleton,  Count Scapula,  look forward to working with kids of all ages,  teachers,  corporate groups and anyone else who thinks science should be the most exciting tool in the box!

Please contact him direct for events in the Wessex area.

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