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The Detective Project offers fun, science based crime scene investigation workshops and parties for childrenĀ age 7+.

Kids crime scene investigation events

Events involve kids learning about crime scene investigation techniques in a fun, hands-on way through activities such as fingerprinting, evidence collecting, DNA and interviewing.

We currently offer two different options

Each party can be customised to suit your child’s age, hobbies and party guests.
We bring the party to you so all you have to do is provide the food.

All our staff are DBS checked and have public liability insurance.

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1. CSI Kids Detective Party

Our expert team will give the children an authentic and original Crime Scene Investigation experience. Hunting for clues using real forensic investigation techniques.

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2. MI Spy Party

If your child loves spy games and code-breaking then an MI Spy party will go down brilliantly. Themes include; - The budding spies work together through a series of codes to track down one of our missing spies who was on a secret mission. - Working together, cracking codes to open a treasure chest containing the party treats - Age appropriate spy missions created by our team.


If you have questions about our events please contact us by filling in the form below or call your local presenter, their contact details are here.

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