Louise Devereux launched her business, The Detective Project Harrogate in 2017

In her own words, Louise says; 

I thought that I would open myself up to you a little, so this is (in brief) me!

I am married with 2 young children, and live in a village in Yorkshire, somewhere between Leeds and the Dales, giving us the best of both worlds!

I love listening to music and going to concerts (90’s indie kid at heart, but have an eclectic taste)! 

I love my family (of course), travel, the outdoors, wildlife, sunsets/sunrises, keeping fit and active, amongst many other things! To counter that, I do enjoy good food & the odd glass of wine or two as well! 

I have worked as a CSI for 22 years in Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire; having attended thousands of crime scenes of all types, so have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field! Thanks for listening!

Louise juggles a career as a Scene of Crime Officer along with her Detective Project business, which means there is never a dull moment! 

We asked Louise; What drew you to The Detective Project as a franchise opportunity?

When looking for another job with more family friendly hours, I was struggling to find anything which I could either do, or would pay enough to enable me to leave my full-time employment.  I saw the Detective Project on a jobs website, and was immediately drawn to it, as having worked in the police as a CSI for nearly 20 years it seemed perfect for me to be able to use my skills and knowledge, while doing something different and fun for both me and the potential customers.  It was an opportunity which I couldn’t miss!

We also asked; What words of wisdom would you give to those thinking of coming onboard?

Go for it!  You don’t know that you can do it until you try.  I have had so many great experiences since starting the business and been to places and met people I would never have otherwise, and also provided some great events for people.  I have been outside my comfort zone on many occasions, but have really relished the challenge along the way. It is something which I needed at this stage in my life. It can be challenging juggling the business with work and home life and it’s a steep and constant  learning curve, but it is worth it.

Law enforcement personnel, whether still in service or retired, often have many transferable skills that are perfectly suited to starting their own Detective Project business. 

If you would like further information or to receive a prospectus please get in touch.